Welcome to the Ramapo Reformed Church's website!
Ramapo Reformed Church
100 Island Road
Mahwah, NJ. 07430
Rev. William F. Grob, Pastor
Church Office: 201 529-3075
Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:30 - 12:30, or by
Ellen V. Morris, Director of Music
Christine Fitzgerald, Secretary

Sunday Worship 10:30am
Nursery Provided
The Ramapo Reformed Church is a Christian Congregation anchored in the
past through the eternal love of God, sharing Christ's message with today's
community through worship and service, and looking to the future as w
grow in faith and knowledge through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Germany and Switzerland in the 16th century featuring Martin Luther and John Calvin,
its spread to the Netherlands, and the early Dutch traders who settled "New
Amsterdam" or New York City.  In 1628, the first "Dutch Reformed" worship service
was held in lower Manhattan and since then, the RCA has begun churches
throughout the United States.  You can learn more about our history, beliefs, and
overall mission by clicking on the link to our denominational website: