Clothing Closet Ministry
100 Island Road
Mahwah, NJ. 07430

Now in our 19th year of continuous ministry, we seek to provide free clothing to those in need.
Recipients are sent by the Mahwah Department of Human Services, Center for Food Action,
Ramapo Indian Council, or by Pastor Bill Grob.

We have also helped Catholic Charities, Jersey Cares, NJSACC, Hudson Valley DDSO, Midnight
Run for the Homeless, plus several residents in need.

Our volunteers, who receive and sort clothing donations each Wednesday morning, are:
Saira Chaudhry, Marta Duarte, Christine Fitzgerald, Debbie Grob, Bushra Khawaja, Marian Latz,
Sharon Pike, and Bruce & Joan Strong.

We hold four (quarterly) Saturday Bag Sales
open to everyone.   Proceeds are donated to the
church for various needs. Come and fill a bag for $5 and get a FREE coat or jacket with each bag
 The next Bag Sale will be Saturday, March 2nd from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm.

You may drop off donations of winter clothing any Wednesday between 9:30am and noon.  

Please call the church office at 201-529-3075 for more information.